New Army: Khorne Daemonkin

So I’ve been pondering for the last few months over a new army to start for 40k. Before leaving my job at GW I bought a Space Marine army, the Razorback spam. I was really proud of that list, however as I sat down to start painting the first model, a Blood Angels Space Marine Commander (I was going to paint BA, but use vanilla codex), I realized something…I fucking hate painting Space Marines.


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Hey guys, my name is Andy and welcome to my blog Gone To Ground!

On here what I hope you will find is some great articles over the coming months on Warhammer 40k and maybe even some Age of Sigmar. Iā€™m a gamer at heart, so most of my posts will be written as such, with tacticas, army lists, crazy mad ramblings and also some painting guides to get your army looking good šŸ‘Œ

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